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#Allium sativum




Who’s this?

It’s hard to believe that Garlic (Allium sativum), the same garlic that keeps girls at a distance and that you let sizzle slowly in the pan, can be a superhero. Garlic pretends to be innocuous, hiding among the plants in a thousand and one vegetable gardens. He masks his oriental origins and ideally connects two worlds, the Mediterranean diet and Chinese cuisine, while waiting to peel off his clothes and show his active core, the bulb, rich in superpowers, whose main component is alliin and its derivatives.


Beware when utilizing the powers of the Liliaceae family, which Garlic belongs to, since they can be toxic to dogs. The reason is connected to their antiplatelet properties that, due to an enzyme deficiency of man’s best friend, could cause anemia. Therefore, it is vital that his contribution must be rationed with extreme care and precision. Garlic’s powers are so many and so various that, in the appropriate amount, they are crucial.
The first of Garlic’s numerous virtues is the antibacterial effect, that he shows through his antibiotic and antiseptic actions, by disinfecting the gut flora, strengthening the intestinal action in weak subjects and promoting the efficiency of the immune system. Garlic has a wonderful synergistic action with Melaleuca, boosting her powers and flanking her in the fight against fungi.
The essence, expelled by the skin secretions, acts in the ear as an antiparasitic and an antimicrobial agent for infestations consequent to ear infections, not by killing but by repelling the parasites.
When Garlic’s bulb and principles take action, cholesterol and hypertension must watch their backs too, but his action is also useful against diarrhea and can lower blood sugar levels, which is important in cases of diabetes. Moreover, Garlic is an important antioxidant too.


Where to find him

From the earth to the pan, and from the plate to the stomach. But be careful not to overindulge, because Garlic can make your skin smell. Perhaps revenge for cooking him? No, actually its a great property. The respiratory secretion from the derma, due to the richness of sulphur compounds, can concentrate active principles in the ear affected by otitis despite the stagnation of hairs and ear wax. That is why you will find Garlic in our Forza10 Oto Active.
And, his action is also needed in Forza10 Hypoallergenic Active for cats too.



Garlic was one of the superheroes whom Hippocrates most frequently invoked. He strongly recommended to use Garlic even in cases of hangover. Thanks to the fame and the esteem he enjoyed, Garlic was so demanded that some deliberations had to be taken to impede the entrance into temples those people whose breath smelled; resulting in religious celebrations that were quite deserted. Horace, among the Romans, was made ill by eating garlic at the table of Maecenas; and afterwards reviled the plant as, “more poisonous than hemlock”.
Garlic’s feats over history were numerous and various.
In the 17th Century, Garlic’s help was sought to combat the Plague and, to that aim, was put into metal spheres covered with holes. Unfortunately, that enemy was too strong even for him, and this defeat curtailed Garlic’s reputation.
By the superstitious, Garlic was used to ward off evil spirits, as well as to keep bloodsucking vampires and night ghosts at bay.
In the developing countries, Garlic is used to combat Koch bacillus, which causes tuberculosis.
He can fight against diseases, religion and even evil spells: Garlic is one of the most powerful Phytonutrient Superheroes. But if his strength has pervaded your partner, there is just one way to survive: you too must eat Garlic.

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